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General/Ordering Questions

1. How long has Steel Guard Safety been in business?

Steel Guard Safety Family of companies dates back to 1913. Steel Guard Safety Corp. was separately incorporated in 2005 to establish a strong brand for safety and barrier protection products.


2. How are shipping costs determined?

Shipping prices are based on weight of material and location, as well as the shipping method.


Chemical Resistance Chart

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(Barrier Curtains & PVC Strip Curtains use PVC Guide)


Industrial & All Barrier Curtains

1. What are the reasons/benefits to installing different Barrier Curtains?

The Steel Guard systems increases productivity, conserves energy, isolates contaminants, creates privacy, blocks noise, and maximizes usable floor space. The various customized curtain systems allow activities to be located in close proximity to the work areas with minimal loss of floor space.


2. What type of information do I need to place a Barrier Curtain.

Dimensions of the overhead area L x W x H. The overhead shape of the system O-Shape, U-shape, L-Shape, Straight Run, or Custom.  How you plan to mount the track. And what type of system do you require.


3. What type of options are there for mounting the Barrier Curtain Track System?

There are 4 types of mounts 1-Beam to Chain, 2-Threaded Rod, 3-Ceiling, 4-Floor Mount, & 5-Beam Flange.


4. Can Steel Guard Safety help me design a custom solution?

Our knowledgeable sales staff can assist you in solving specific or unusual in-plant, safety and sound attenuation problems. Steel Guard can recommend the right combination of our standard products, or design a custom solution that suits your particular needs. We do not charge any extra for our custom solutions, fair and honest.


PVC Strip Curtains

1. What are the reasons/benefits of installing PVC strip doors?

PVC Strips Doors are excellent reasons for companies to save energy, control, climate, dust, machine protection and even welding flash & spark protection.


2. What Chemicals are PVC Strip Curtains resistant to?

Green = Excellent 
Blue = Good 
Yellow = Fair 
Red = Not Recommended

This information, based on experience to date, is believed to be reliable, Steel Guard Safety Corp,, does not take responsibility for improper use, or material damage for unknown reasons.


For Current/Prospective Distributors

1. How do I become a distributor of Steel Guard Safety Products?

Please fill out our prospective distributor form online or contact us at 800-347-8368 for any other questions.


2. What are your shipping options for distributors?

For shipping under 150 lbs we use UPS Ground, anything oversized or over 150 lbs will go palletized for LTL and freight companies. The freight will be determined based on route and weight of the products.


3. Do you have a warranty on your products?

Our Barrier Curtain products have the best warranty in the industry. 5 Years on all heat welds and sewn seams from failing. Our track hardware has a life-time limited warranty.


4. What are your return policies for distributors?

All custom products require signed approval and are non-refundable.


5. Is there a minimum order and what are payment terms?

There is no minimum order. Payment terms are available upon review of a credit application, otherwise Steel Guard Safety may require Credit Card for first time buyers.

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