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Avoid Potential Optic Nerve Damage and Other Risks with Welding Curtain Products

One of the main benefits to using Steel Guard Safety welding curtain products is the preserved well-being of employees in the workplace.

Using high-quality materials in their fabrication, welding curtain dividers such as weld cells, welding blankets, curtains and screens can keep welding areas blocked off from other areas, protecting vulnerable employees from eye damage or other types of potential harm.

Welding Curtain Products

Protect Employee Eyesight with Welding Curtains

Without protective eyewear in a welding environment, employees within a warehouse can experience permanent optic nerve damage if they are in close proximity to welding sparks.

While the bright light can cause damage to the optic nerve, the surface of the eyes are also vulnerable to nitrogen, carbon and sulfur oxide fumes, as well as volatile organic hydrocarbons, depending on the metal used in the welding process.

These fumes are capable of causing long-term eye damage as well as damage to the lungs if welders inhale them. Stray weld sparks can also damage the eyes if they come into contact with the cornea, burning them severely.

While welders within a working environment are likely to wear proper eye protection, employees outside of that work area are often exposed to these dangers, which is why facilities should have welding areas blocked off.

Other Avoidable Health Risks

Welders-Require-Protection-For-Their-Eyes And-Lungs

Welders not only require protection for their eyes and lungs, but they also need to wear the proper clothing to keep weld sparks from burning other areas of the body.

Flame resistant work clothes keep workers safe from potential burns that stray sparks can cause, but welding arc can also reach outside of the immediate work area if there is no surrounding protection.

Workers who aren’t properly protected may not be able to walk near those areas without being exposed to the far-reaching sparks. There are ways to avoid this issue, however, using welding curtains.

Welding curtain products from Steel Guard Safety can keep welding areas safer for unprotected employees in several ways. Weld cells can block off entire welding spaces on all sides, allowing workers to navigate around them without facing the dangers of stray sparks.

PVC weld strip curtain systems are also capable of closing off larger spaces. If an entire area doesn’t require protection, individual welding curtains and screens can keep a smaller space separated.

Both weld cells and curtains are also tinted to protect workers’ eyes as they approach welding stations. All welding curtain products are fabricated to meet flame resistance requirements as well, keeping facilities safe from potential fire hazards.

If you would like to keep equipment safe from damage, welding blankets are also available to make sure only the specific welding spot on a piece of equipment is exposed to sparks. Each of our welding barrier solutions can protect both workers and property from welding damage.

For a quote with detailed pricing information for any Steel Guard Safety welding curtain product, either call us to speak with a sales consultant, or request a quote on our website at any time.

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