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Control Plant and Warehouse Environments Using Barrier Curtains


Good quality barrier curtains address the concerns of maintenance plant engineers, plant managers, company engineers and business owners with respect to employee safety.

These products also help manage the extra costs that are involved with temporary special projects, research and development, new line installations, and meeting special client requests.

In response to the manufacturing industry’s concerns about the lack of adequacy in available vinyl industrial curtain solutions, the engineering team at Steel Guard Safety tasked themselves with developing superior, unique solutions for high-quality, innovative materials that incorporated exceptional strength.

All of these benefits are backed with a solid, industry-leading five-year guarantee.

Barrier Curtains With A See Through Pane

Full Assurance

Each client receives full assurance that top-level flame retardant requirements are consistently met for protecting employees, clients and their facilities. Steel Guard Safety not only accomplished these original goals, but our product also has the added value of shattering the previous industrial limitations of tenacity and strength.

Our engineering department has created a superior material that meets and exceeds all safety standards of trilateral polyester scrim material. These barrier curtains feature a boosted tensile strength of 406 pounds-per-square-inch leading by 84 percent over the leading industrial materials.

You’ll find major advantages to our product, beyond increased resiliency and strength, as our product meets fire codes and standards that other products are unable to match.

Steel Guard Safety'S Industrial Barrier Curtain

Use Cost Effective Products to Control Your Industry Environments

You can fully protect the future of your business by using cost-effective solutions for controlling temperature, sanitation solutions, or micro particle and bacteria containment, in large industrial areas.

SteelGuard has developed best quality energy-shield insulated curtain products, for incredible energy saving benefits:

  • Warehouse and cold storage curtain barriers
  • Welding barrier curtains, screen, and barrier (portable) rooms
  • Accordion barrier curtains to protect and accommodate high traffic areas
  • Auto body protective curtains
  • Agricultural products specific for environmental needs
  • Institutional barrier protection such as medical protective curtains.

These extraordinary barriers have sustainable benefits for both temporary solutions and are perfect long-term cost efficiency solutions that perform better than building new walls or adding new rooms, for one-fifth of the cost!

For more information on how our exceptional products are guaranteed to help your business’ bottom-line, contact us today.

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