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Vehicle Photo Booth | Car Photography Curtains

  • Vehicle Photo Booth | Car Photography Curtains
  • Vehicle Photo Booth | Car Photography Curtains
  • Vehicle Photo Booth | Car Photography Curtains
  • Vehicle Photo Booth | Car Photography Curtains
  • Vehicle Photo Booth | Car Photography Curtains
  • Vehicle Photo Booth | Car Photography Curtains

Car Photography Curtains are essential for showcasing automobiles with pristine crisp looking background that appeals to buyers.  If the paint does not sparkle & the car doesn’t pop on your exotic ride, it could be the photo background that’s wrong.  Photographing cars using our photo background curtains allows for the car to be displayed without distracting objects and highlights the design of the car. Steel Guards Car Photography Curtains can be made in virtually any size, design, or shape, even with circular track systems. Vehicle Photography Curtains keep the allusion of the car moving, as well as highlighting the cars unique angles and design.


Car Photography Curtain System Features & Benefits:

  • Retractable or Stationary Design Systems to Adapt to Building Needs
  • Vinyl, Poly Stretch, or Carbonite Material Options to be Easily Cleanable or for Varying Light Reflection
  • Fire Rated for ASTM E-84 Class A and NFPA-701
  • Straight, L-Shape, U-Shape, Square or Even Round Booth Systems.
  • Custom Made Ceilings Available to Further Control Light
  • Easy to Install with Staff with Little Tools or Experience.


We use only high end materials that are recognized in the photography industry.

Steel Guards vehicle photography studio curtains can serve multiple functions within your work area. You can use your backdrop curtains as an industrial partition wall or a wash bay divider in your Auto Retails Store (Vinyl Version Only) This easy-to-clean, durable curtain wall allows you the flexibility to separate spaces and is transferrable to other areas of your auto body shop, boat storage areas, or additional areas of your shop.

For more information on designing your Vehicle Photo Booth Curtains, contact one of our Experienced Sales Reps at 1-800-347-8368

Car Photography Curtains

6 oz Trapeze Material

A 6oz soft material commonly used in industrial photo applications. Made from 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.  It’s a two-way stretch fabric with zero, to minimal wrinkle and it has a flat matte finish. Excellent & Almost Zero Glare Material.

18 oz Black Vinyl

18 oz Coated Vinyl

– Extra Tough Abrasion Resistance and a Smooth Surface, Stands Up To Abuse & Washes Easily. Matte Finish for almost no glare. Available in 10 different colors. Meets CFM, NFPA-701,ASTM-E-84 Class 1, for flame resistance.

2 inch velcro side attachments make it easy to seal curtains together.

Velcro Attachments

2 in. Velcro side attachments easily seal and attach both sides of curtains to multiple curtains. Available in standard 2ft x 1ft swatches, full length, or custom.

Chain Weighted Hem

Chain Weighted Hem

Heavy-Duty 3/16 in Thick Galvanized Chain inserted into the  bottom pocket to stabilize the curtain against wind & drafts.

#2 Brass Toothed Grommets

#2 Toothed Brass Grommets

#2 Brass Toothed Grommets are spaced every 12 in. on center of the curtains to hang securely on the roller hooks.

Circular Track System - Custom Bends ($$$)

An Extra Heavy Duty Track System that can be Designed in a Circle, or Custom Curved Angles to Create Any Shape of Curtain Cell Around Obstructions.

Mounting Hardware for Track

Standard Roller Track & Mounts

Available in Several Suspended Mounts & Floor Mounting if there is no ability to Mount System Overhead. Available in Suspended, Wall, Beam Clamp, Threaded Rod, and Floor Mounts. See Details on Curtain Track Hardware Here.

Adhesive Velcro 2 inch

Adhesive Velcro

2 inch Adhesive Velcro – Attaches any curtain to a brick, metal, concrete, or wood wall or door opening.

Part# CA 677 – 2″ PSA Loop

Part# CA 694 – 2″ PSA Hook

Trapeze Material - 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex - FR

An excellent Material for Photography, Little do no Glare. Made from Polyester and Spandex. Little to No Reflection from Material. The material is stretchable. Certified NFPA-701 for Flame Retardancy.




18 oz Coated Vinyl - FR

18 oz per sq/yd Coated Vinyl provides excellent Tear and Tensile Strength while also giving Superior Abrasion Resistance when Compared to Laminate Vinyls. The Vinyl Meets Flame Resistant Standards, CFM, NFPA-701 & ASTM E-84. A Heavier Duty but Economical Material. Vinyl will have some reflection where Trapeze has almost none. For More Information on Tech Specs, See 18 oz FR Coated Vinyl Technical Specifications Here.





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