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High Speed Door

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Steel Guard Safety’s High Speed Doors Allow Increased Worker Output & Temperature Containment for Fast-Moving, High-Cycle Work Traffic

 Door Construction -High-speed roll-up doors are specifically designed to plants and warehouses with fast-moving work traffic needs require quick movement of door cycles to improve work flow and output. All High Speed Doors are custom designed to your exact size and options. to meet your specific requirements. High Cycle Vinyl Roll-up  Doors are critical to minimizing warehouse temperature loss and maintaining a temperature controlled environment.

Track System – The High Speed PVC Roll Up Doors use an Aluminum Track System that is built with an automatic reset system, along with extruded aluminum guide tracks to reduce friction when the door rolls up and down.

High Speed Roll Up Door – Benefits:

  • Control Building Temperature Loss
  • Keep High Flow Fork Lift Traffic Moving
  • Optional Wider Bird Mesh Allows More Air Flow.
  • Allows Automatic Roll Up for Traffic Outside and Between Buildings
  • Meets AIB & FDA Standards for Food Manufacturing Facilities
  • Improves Image and Appearance of Building

High Speed Roller Door – Features:

  • Aluminum Guide Track Lets the Commercial Roll Up Door Move at up to 36″ per Second
  • Modular Panels Allow for Easy Replacement for Damage or to or Style Change (Mesh  to a Solid Vinyl)
  • Wind Bars are perpendicular Aluminum Bars to Stop High Winds and Negative Air Pressure.
  • Break Away Bars at the Bottom of Door allows an Easy Release from the Track in either Direction to Prevent Bug Door Damage, Easily Reinserts back in the Track.

Additional Information:

Mounting Options:

        • Header Mount – For Mounting on the Face of a Door.
        • Wall Mount – For Mounting on the Front of an Interior or Exterior Building Walls.
        • Stand Off Mount – To Mount in Front of and Clear an Existing Doorway.

Motor Types:

        • High Speed Level 1 – 12″ Movement per Second
        • High Speed Level 2 – 36″ Movement per Second


These commercial high speed roll up doors are delivered as a complete kit, custom designed by size, material, color, motor type, valance cover and other options to meet your exact specifications. The Automatic Roll up Door Screens are available to install just with your maintenance staff depending on experience. Use an In-Tube or Jack Shaft Motors for our automatic roll up garage doors are designed to last for many years of worry free use. Header, face or wall mount versions come with everything you need to install them besides hand tools.

Steel Guard Safety’s automatic roller doors are designed for the high traffic warehouse and production facilities.  Excellent for use fast moving traffic and egress areas inside between warehouse entrances or on the outside of your facility as a high performance door.

If you need a quote over the phone please contact one of our High Speed Roll Up Door Specialists at 1-800-347-8368


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