Safety Fencing Machine Perimeter Guarding

If you want to keep employees and equipment safe from workspace hazards, consider using Steel Guard’s Machine Shield™ HD Series perimeter guarding system for safety and protection. These machine guard partitions are useful in a wide variety of industrial facilities, and are constructed using top quality materials.

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Machine Guard HD Series with Solenoid Gate Feature

Prevent Unauthorized Entry in Any Area

Machine Shield™ HD Series perimeter guarding system prevents unauthorized entry into restricted hazardous areas, and effectively protects all contained equipment and storage areas from both theft and damage.

Steel Guard’s Machine Shield™ HD guarding partitions meet OSHA standards for machine guarding, and they are installable for many different applications, including:

  • Machine perimeter guarding
  • Robotic work cells
  • Robotic welding areas
  • Palletized conveyor areas
  • Hazardous waste storage
  • Tool cribs
  • Electrical switchgear

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Machine Guard Safety Fence HD Series Sample CellProtect People and Equipment with Machine Perimeter Guarding Partitions

Steel Guard’s safety fencing machine guarding is ultra-flexible. Design your fencing around any obstacles with our HD Series “hinged frame” design. Our hinged design allows you to restrict even oddly shaped areas like hexagons, octagons and more. We provide what you need to keep your equipment and employees safe.

These machine guard partitions are compatible with our custom weld-view curtain panels to protect your welding areas from flash burn and weld sparks.

Design your configuration in multiple sections to create separate work cells, providing high-quality protection from lathes, grinders, robotic welding, enclose machines, tool cribs, and nearly any other dangerous application that requires certified protection. These machine guarding products are certified by OSHA, ANSI, NAAMS, EN953 and Canadian CSA to ensure safety.

Optional gate designs allow authorized staff to pass through when the machine perimeter fencing isn’t required, and their modular design allows gates to be expanded to fit your requirements. Heights up to 20 feet can accommodate any security specifications.

Easily design your machine perimeter guarding area with wire mesh by requesting a quote online or contacting someone from our sales team today by calling 1-800-347-8368.

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