Industrial Roll Up Vinyl Curtains

The Simple Solution to Block off Your Industrial Processes When Needed – Rolls Up, Out of the Way, When Not in Use.

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Steel Guard’s vinyl roll-up curtains offer simple yet effective protection, rolling up and down like blinds or shades in an instant. These roll-up curtain walls are a cost-effective solution to smaller area space separation problems in various types of facilities, and create a rock-solid barrier between work areas.


Keep Facilities Protected with Vinyl Roll-Up Curtains

Vinyl industrial roll-up curtain walls stop a variety of dangers in your facility or warehouse and benefit you by:

  • Costing as little as 10% of permanent brick & mortar wall projects – reducing your overhead.
  • Protecting you against most chemicals, fumes, aluminum & steel dust, water, & many other industrial dangers.
  • Separates production areas – creating a leaner, more efficient work area.
  • Easily rolls-up, and out of the way when not in use.

Use these roll-up vinyl curtains in all of your industrial areas including:


  • Manufacturing & assembly plants
  • Commercial doorways or low traffic areas
  • Dust containment & control
  • Grinding & sanding areas
  • Privacy
  • Medical & pharmaceutical facilities

Heavy-Duty Curtain Wall Fabrication

Steel Guard’s roll-up curtains are manufactured with our propriety Steel-Scrim® super polyester reinforced vinyl laminate in top and bottom sections, along with our optional Work-View clear 52” PVC window in the middle section. For welding applications, use our 74” Weld-View window or solid opaque panels. Steel-Scrim® gives you the strongest vinyl laminate on the market with over 406 pounds-per-square inch of tensile strength.


Premium manufacturing and materials give you:


  • The highest level of flame resistance requirements (CFM, NFPA-701, ATSM E-84 class I).
  • Protection for your work staff in almost any working condition (-20 to + 180 degrees).
  • Resistance to tears. The advanced, proprietary tri-axial design causes the vinyl to bunch up and collapse upon itself when punctured, automatically re-sealing itself.
  • Protection against UV rays, rot, water and mildew.
  • Resistance to most chemicals.
  • 5-year warranty on heat welds & sewn seams.
  • Made in the U.S.A by Craftsmen and Craftswomen.

Some of the specific features that are responsible for the safety of vinyl curtains include external seams that use a rot-resistant nylon thread, industrial strength polyester webbing, interior seams welded at +1,000 degrees Fahrenheit to form seals that can keep air and liquid out, and a 3/8″ galvanized steel chain that provides additional stability.


Choose from Both Opaque and Transparent Vinyl Curtain Materials

Depending on the application, protection levels will vary. Our 16 oz. Steel-Scrim® vinyl provides sufficient fire resistance and opaque protection, while our 20 mil double-polished clear vinyl gives employees a clear view of work areas. The opaque vinyl material is available in multiple colors, including blue, white, green, yellow, black, gray, and red.


Using our roller track system, workers can easily roll the vinyl curtains up to create an open space, or roll them down for closed work areas.


Steel Guard can custom manufacture your industrial roll-up curtains to almost any size you need. You can request a quote online or call 1-800-347-8368 to be connected with a sale professional to discuss your space separation requirements.

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