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Warehouse Cooling – 10 Ways to Upgrade Without AC

10 Ways to Upgrade your Warehouse Cooling Without New AC or Heat


1. Add High Speed Doors for Insulation in the Winter Months

Upgrade your building with high speed screen doors that offer the flexibility of optional screening. Enjoy fresh, cool air during summertime while easily keeping the heat in during winter with our solid doors. Our sliding door systems are perfect for spaces that require frequent opening, as they take up minimal space.
For added convenience, consider placing fans near these doors to circulate outside air into your warehouse. This cost-effective solution for warehouse cooling is a great alternative to traditional electricity-powered cooling systems, but keep in mind that it relies on cooler outside temperatures.

High Speed Vinyl Roll Up Door In Warheouse

2. Add Mesh Dock Door Curtains or for Hot Summer Months Over Metal Doors.

If your Warehouse is not controlled by AC or your temperature range is below 85 degrees, consider keeping the main doors open and add Dock Door Screens in in front of your Steel Doors. The Door Screens will allow the Warehouse to cool while keeping bugs pests and birds out. These Bay Door Screens can move side to side and retrofit in front of standard metal garage doors.

Dock Door Curtain In Bay

3. Add HVLS Fans in Your Warehouse Ceiling

Warehouse Cooling is greatly efficient in Big Spaces with HVLS Fans: Say goodbye to traditional ceiling fans. With just one HVLS fan, you can cool a whopping 31,000 square feet of space. These specially designed fans are incredibly efficient, saving you money on energy costs while keeping workers on the ground floor nice and cool.

Hvls Fan For Warehouse Cooling

4. Put a Cool Roof Coating on your Warehouse Roof

Cool roofs have a key characteristic: high solar reflectance, or albedo. This means they reflect sunlight and heat away from a building, keeping roof temperatures lower. This is especially important in warm and sunny climates. By having high thermal emittance as well, cool roofs help to absorb less heat, making them up to 50-60°F (28-33°C) cooler than regular materials during the hottest summer days.

For over 20 years, building owners and roofing contractors have been using cool roofing products on various types of buildings – commercial, industrial, and residential. These products can be installed on low-slope roofs commonly seen on offices and commercial buildings.


5. Add in Evaporator Coolers Near Work Station

Keep cool with Evaporator Coolers. Unlike traditional cooling systems, evaporative coolers cool the air itself, creating safe and comfortable indoor conditions. Not only that, they can maintain your desired temperature within just a few degrees Celsius. Stay cool and in control.

As well as this, they can work to maintain desired conditions within a couple of degrees celsius.

6. Modify Cold Storage Systems with Insulation or Smart Thermostats

To optimize warehouse cooling, it is crucial to effectively manage cold storage systems. This includes essential measures such as investing in a backup generator to eliminate downtime during power outages. Additionally, installing an alarm system will promptly alert maintenance staff if the temperature in any area rises above the desired threshold.

Another key aspect is to prioritize insulation around the cold storage area. Furthermore, positioning the cold storage systems furthest away from significant heat sources can significantly enhance their warehouse cooling efficiency. By implementing these strategies, your cold storage systems will operate at peak performance while minimizing energy consumption. If there is availability to upgrade the thermostat of a very old system consider doing it if cost effective.


7. Use Dock Door and Interior Curtains to Create Temperature Zones

Transform your warehouse with Steel Guard Safety’s insulated warehouse curtains. These versatile curtains allow you to easily partition and divide your floor space for temperature and humidity control. Unlike permanent rigid walls, our insulated panel curtains can be easily taken down when not needed.

The Modular Warehouse Curtains can reduce the area needed to be cooled our heated as well as the ability to make zones of various temperatures.

Not only do our curtains provide efficient control over your warehouse cooling, but they also save you money. Compared to fixed rigid panel walls, our curtain walls cost three to five times less, making them a cost-effective solution. Additionally, the installation process is quick and hassle-free.

Dock Door Interior Curtain

Insulated Industrial Curtains Dividing Warehouse Space

8. Lower your Inventory if possible and Keep Aisles Open as Possible for Air Flow

Create a Cool Environment: Arrange your warehouse space to promote healthy airflow and keep the facility cool. Proper air circulation on the floor can make a world of difference.

Don’t let the summer’s scorching heat damage your warehouse supplies and put your employees at risk. Prepare in advance by ensuring your warehouse is equipped to handle high temperatures.

Don’t let the summer heat take a toll on your warehouse. Take the necessary steps to protect your supplies and keep your employees comfortable.


9. Add Truck Shelters to Your Dock Area

Boost Efficiency and Comfort with Truck Shelters for Shipping and Receiving. Keep cool in summer and cozy in winter while maximizing productivity. Don’t overlook the importance of properly sealed dock doors for optimal warehouse cooling. Discover how simple solutions like shade and insulation can revolutionize your warehouse cooling strategies.

10. Keep your Staff Hydrated and Give out Cool Pads

This may look like second nature but not to everyone. Make sure your employees have access to water. Provide cooling Pads like these  in the Warehouse and make sure there is ample break time if an employee is on the verge of heat exhaustion.





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