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Prevent electro-static charges from devastating your facility with anti-static curtains.


Eliminating Electricity Risks with Anti-Static Curtains

Prevent Electro-Static Charges From Devastating Your Facility With Anti-Static Curtains.

Electro-static charges can potentially devastate a facility in a number of ways. They can cause irreversible damage to electronic devices and heavy machinery, or harm employees. The most effective way to avoid these risks is to protect valuable equipment and employees using anti-static curtains. With these static blocking curtains installed in a facility, you can eliminate the dangers of powerful static charges.

Keep Facilities Safe Using Anti-Static Curtains

Improve The Safety Of Facilities From Static Charges

Electric charges can cause serious damage to equipment and injury to workers, and while this risk may not seem large enough to cause concern, implementing anti-static curtains can prevent incidents. There are several ways electricity can unexpectedly cause damage in many types of locations.

Static charges can cause massive damage and possibly death if a shock ignites fuel in certain settings, including aircraft hangars while aircraft is refueled. Explosions or fires can break out as the result of an electric charge hitting fuel on the floor or nearby equipment, which makes it important for anti-static curtains to be in place to protect aircraft and equipment during refueling.

Other applications for anti-static might involve the use of different types of flammable liquids, gases, vapors, or dust. Removing the potential for static discharge can greatly improve the safety of facilities carrying these substances. Curtains also protect against short-circuiting and other damage to equipment.

If a static charge is strong enough, it can also cause severe injury or even death if it comes into direct contact with workers or visitors. Anti-static curtains can effectively keep people safe from this hazard, removing static charges completely. Property managers can install them in a variety of locations, including clean rooms, data centers, chemical labs and other types of locations that run a risk of static charges.

Easy Installation with Steel Guard Safety Curtains

Installing Anti-Static Curtains To Avoid Damage And Physical Harm From Static Discharges

One benefit of using Steel Guard Safety anti-static curtains is the simple installation process. They don’t cost as much as other more permanent solutions that take more time to install, and are easy to set up using grounding wire to hold them in place. They are fabricated with heavy-duty shock-resistant PVC vinyl, which meets CFM, ASTM-E-84 Class 1, and NFPA-701 flame resistance standards. They are also available in a variety of colors, both transparent and opaque.

Each anti-static curtain includes grounding wire and clips, along with other accessories such as grommets for secure hanging and Velcro attachments to connect multiple curtains in a single space. Electronically welded hems and seams prevent the curtains from tearing, maximizing their longevity.

If static electricity is a hazard in your facility, consider installing anti-static curtains to avoid damage and physical harm. You can also combine them with other types of industrial safety curtains from Steel Guard Safety to maintain temperatures, protect against welding arc, and benefit facilities in many other ways.

If you would like a quote for our anti-static curtains or other products in our inventory, along with additional technical information, you can contact us today. We will help design the perfect curtain solution for your business with custom hardware and fabric options.

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