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Why Use Steel Guard?

Quality, American Made Industrial Curtains, and Vinyl Tarps

Steel Guard has a rich corporate history, dating back more than 100 years, setting the standard for quality and longevity of product, and evolving over the years to meet a variety of needs. Since 2005, Steel Guard has remained focused on revolutionizing industrial safety, helping to create improved safety barriers such as welding curtains and vinyl tarps.

Steel Guard Safety

Steel-Scrim Vinyl ― Available Only Through Steel Guard Safety

One of the World’s Strongest Vinyl

At Steel Guard Safety, we know you’re aware of industrial curtain walls, and we understand that your opinion of them may not be a favorable one. Some of the most common complaints we’ve heard regarding industrial curtains include:


  • They’re made of low-quality material
  • They break down too quickly
  • It’s unclear whether they are flame retardant, increasing the risk of a fine

However, we were determined to find a better solution for you. The head of our research and development team set out on a mission to find the best vinyl possible, investigating over 20 different suppliers and just as many varieties of vinyl.


After four months worth of exhaustive research and testing, we were still unable to find a vinyl with an adequate finish, scrim strength, or flame resistance ― so we decided to design our own, with a new design that would allow us to shatter the previous limits of vinyl strength and tenacity.


To achieve this, our engineering department created something completely unique. A trilateral (three-directional) polyester scrim design. Though odd-looking when compared to traditional vinyl patterns, our new design was cost-effective and, most importantly, boosted the tensile strength of the vinyl to over 406 pounds per square inch ― more than 84% stronger than a standard 9×9 denier 1000 row scrim! This is the strongest scrim we know of ― so strong that this 16-ounce vinyl out-performs standard 18-ounce, 22-ounce, and even 26-ounce vinyl! It’s stronger, more resilient, and meets fire code standards that other vinyl just can’t match.


Steel-Scrim Vinyl
Standard Vinyl Laminate

Our Products are Manufactured in the U.S.A. with American Made Materials

Steel Guard Safety proudly manufactures nearly 100% of our products in our South Holland, IL facility. Our family owned companies have been in the industrial fabrics manufacturing business for over 100 years, proudly manufacturing curtain walls, clear tarps, and more to keep you safe in the workplace. Whenever possible, we also make it a point to purchase American based materials and hardware. More than 75% of our materials are sourced right here in the U.S., including our unique and custom manufactured Tri-Axial Vinyl and Steel Scrim Laminate Vinyl, which are only available through Steel Guard Safety.


We Support Local Labor Forces

Using Steel Guard Safety products like our welding curtains and vinyl tarps helps support the U.S. Labor Force and keeps hardworking American men and women employed.


We Support Local Labor Forces
Wide View - Labor Force Workplace
Hands Sewing


Warranty Symbol

The Iron Clad Warranty

6-Year Warranty on Construction

To ensure we deliver the quality product you deserve, we offer a Vinyl Curtain Products Limited Warranty* on the sewn seams and heat welds failing from normal usage.

Lifetime Warranty on Track Hardware

We also offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty* on track hardware breaking under normal usage.

We Pay Your Fines

If you are cited and fined by OSHA for NON-Flame Retardant Industrial Curtains, Welding Curtains, Auto Body Curtains, or Insulated Barriers, Steel Guard Safety will pay your fines.*


*Steel Guard Safety may elect to repair or replace the product based on its determination of normal usage.

*Contact your Steel Guard representative for more details and any possible exclusions that may apply


Low Price Guarantee

Our Steel Guard Low Price Guarantee

When purchasing industrial safety fabric products, if you manage to find a lower price on any identical product, Steel Guard will beat it as well as offer an additional 5%. This offer excludes refurbished items, liquidations, and auctions. Steel Guard Safety reserves the right to refuse the offer for any inapplicable comparisons.


Steel Guard - Rush Manufacturing

RUSH Manufacturing

When your facility or product is in a bind, Steel Guard Safety has available “Rush Manufacturing.”


  • 1 – 5 Business Day Production – includes a 20% fee on top of the invoice price

Contact your Steel Guard Safety representative for more details and to find out if the schedule lead time and target date are possible. Some larger orders may not be eligible for 1-5 day business production.


Contact Steel Guard Safety to Learn About Our Industrial Curtains, Clear Tarps, and More!

If you’re ready to see what Steel Guard Safety can do for you, we’re ready to help! If you already know what you’re looking for, we make it easy to request a quote now, or you can speak to a Steel Guard Safety representative today to learn more about our available safety products such as welding curtains and vinyl tarps. Please contact us today if you have any questions regarding products, warranties, and more.

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