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Welding Barriers & Screens – Opaque

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Welding Barriers – Opaque

Steel Guard’s industrial welding barriers help keep workers safe from high temperatures, sparks, spatter and even molten metal. These are hazards that many welders encounter on a regular basis, and using Steel Guard Safety welding curtain walls and blankets will allow welders to work in an environment that accommodates both employees and the welding task.

Welding Barriers for Worker & Facility Protection

In addition to keeping employees safer from spatter, sparks and other hazards, our industrial welding barriers also protect other areas of the facility from damage. Our curtain walls are constructed using some of the strongest materials to prevent contaminants from entering the welding area, as well as keeping welding byproducts from leaving the workspace and presenting a fire hazard.

Portable Welding Screens – Stock

  • Panel Material:  13.5 oz Laminate Vinyl NFPA-701 & FM Global Certifications for Flame Resistance
  • Colors: Blue, White, Yellow Black, Red, Forest Green, & Gray
  • Frame Material: 16 Gauge HD Galvanized Steel 7/8″ Square Tube, & Connectors. The Thickest in the Industry.
  • Kit Includes: Welding Curtain with Grommets set every 1′ On Center on All Sides –  Frame: Galvanized Steel Bar Posts, Legs, Corner Clamps, and Zip Ties.
  • Panels: Connect Multiple Modularly for One, Two, Three or Four Sided Systems. (Multi-Sided Panel Kits Contain Connectors)

Ships in 5 – 7 Business Days

Additional Information:

Custom Welding Safety Products for Your Needs

As with other industrial products from Steel Guard Safety, we can build custom welding barriers to make sure your welding project needs are properly met. We have a wide selection of industrial-strength fabrics and mounting options in order to meet your individual welding project requirements. We will work with you to determine which combination of materials and hardware will work best for you depending on your industry and specific application. All of our welding barrier curtains are constructed to be long-lasting and easy to manipulate, providing facilities and employees with the high quality protection and safety they require.

Contact us today to start designing the welding curtain system that works best for you. We’ll provide a free quote for any of our products.


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