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Medical Privacy Curtains For Patient Protection

Steel Guard’s medical privacy curtains and hospital cubical curtain dividers are manufactured here in our U.S. facility.

We use top-strength industrial fabrics and hardware to construct curtain wall systems that properly protect patients and facilities from the spreading of infectious diseases as well as violation of privacy.



Medical Privacy Curtains for Patient Protection

Our wide variety of materials in combination with our long-standing experience in manufacturing gives you a line of products that are well built. Our hospital medical divider curtains are excellent for barriers against germs and disease, and the opaque materials used provide sufficient privacy for patients. These safety products are ideal for accompanying other safety standards in a medical facility, and we offer both shower curtains and curtains for patient cubicles.

Use our hospital divider curtains in any type of institutional facility such as hospitals, prisons, clinics or other health care facilities that require additional patient privacy and safety measures. Regardless of the size and type of the specific area you want to cover, we will provide you with curtain divider systems that meet your individual requirements.

Custom Cubicle Dividers for Medical Institutions

Steel Guard can customize medical curtains with a variety of mesh custom designed fabrics that you may want, depending on size, color and strength preferences. We also provide a selection of mounting options to further meet specific space requirements. We will work with you to determine which materials are the most suitable for your application, putting together a long-lasting and top quality product that meets medical industry standards. Some of the many features you’ll get with our medical dividers include double-lock-stitched sewn helms, heavy-duty nylon, reinforced webbing, heat welded interior seams and flame resistance.

Contact Steel Guard Safety for additional information about our medical curtain dividers as well as a quote for these products and others.

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