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Hospital Curtains & Cubicle Privacy Curtain Dividers

Hospital Privacy Curtain

Steel Guard’s hospital grade shower curtains & Hospital Barrier Curtains keep your institution safe from bacteria, germs and diseases.

Need effective commercial shower curtains for your institution? Want ones that will last, and keep your facility clean and bacteria free? We use a heavy-duty industrial construction process to fabricate all of our Hospital Privacy Curtains. Whether for an elderly home, a hospital or a mental health facility, our institutional shower curtains are designed to preserve both health and privacy.

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Heavy-Duty Anti-Microbial Hospital Privacy Curtain MaterialsCubicle Hospital Divider Curtains

Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, Steel Guard’s industrial grade shower curtains are made to last, with the best materials available in the industry. Each curtain is manufactured to hold up to wear and tear over long periods of use, maintaining safety from bacteria and other potential health hazards for years.

Your facility will benefit from these advantages:

  • Certified NFPA-701 for flame resistance to keep you in compliance
  • Anti-microbial and bacteria resistant for the life of the curtain
  • Manufactured using heat welded seams to prevent the collection of bacteria
  • #2 Brass or nickel grommets are punched on top to prevent rust and bacteria buildup
  • A variety of track systems are available from light duty to industrial heavy-duty

Curtains are “customizable” to meet your individual size requirements

Emergency Hospital Curtains For Temporary Hospitals


Keep Nearly Any Institution Protected with Vinyl Shower Curtains

Steel Guard Safety’s commercial grade shower curtains are installable in most institutions, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Mental health facilities
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Nursing homes

With the use of hospital divider curtains, institutions will benefit from added patient privacy and safety, with top quality materials. Our manufacturing process ensures that each curtain product is customized to meet specific space requirements and provide durable protection for patients of all types. Our vinyl curtains are easy to install, and are easily removed for cleaning as well.

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Institutional Shower Curtain Made With Anti Microbial Vinyl Resists Bacteria

The SteelGuard Difference

The difference in Steel Guards Hospital Curtains is our manufacturing process. Steel Guard uses the same heavy-duty industrial strength manufacturing process that is in our welding and industrial products. What do you get that is superior with a Steel Guard Hospital Curtain?:

  • Sewn hems with a Double-Lock Stitch using Industrial, Heavy-Duty Nylon Thread.
  • Reinforced Webbing on Panels with Mesh and Solid Fabrics
  • Heat Welded Interior Seams on Vinyl Fabric for Superior Strength.
  • Nickel Plated #2 Grommets that will not rust over time.
  • Curtains meet NFPA-701 for Flame Resistance keeping You up to Code.
  • Industry Leading 1-Year Warranty on Heat Welds and Sewn Seams of Curtains.
  • Curtains that are “Customizable” to your Exact Size, Color, Fabric, and Specifications.

You can request a quote online today or call 1-800-347-8368 from Monday through Friday to be connected with a customer service professional. He or she will be able to discuss your institution’s hospital privacy curtain requirements. We can also provide additional details for this product, and discuss our other industrial curtain and door solutions in addition to our institutional curtains.

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