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How Did We Develop One of the World’s Strongest Vinyl’s

We know you’re aware of industrial curtains …and we also know that your opinion of them might not be a favorable one. Here are some of the things we’ve heard a) they’re made of low-quality material, b) they break too soon, c) I don’t know if there flame retardant and may get me fined

But we were determined to find a better solution for you. The head of our research and development team set out to find the best vinyl possible. He investigated over 20 different suppliers and just as many varieties of vinyl. Four months worth of exhaustive research.

But after all that searching and testing, he still wasn’t able to find a vinyl with adequate finish, scrim strength or flame resistance.

We were beginning to think we’d have give up on a finding a vinyl that would satisfy all your requirements…for a cost that would give you a great return-on-investment.

But instead of giving up, we decided to design our own. And what we discovered was an odd-looking design that would allow us to shatter the previous limits of vinyl strength and tenacity.

To achieve this, our engineering department created something completely unique. A tri-lateral (three-directional) polyester scrim design. It may look odd compared to traditional vinyl patterns, but it was cost-effective and, most importantly, boosted the tensile strength of the vinyl to over 406 pounds per square inch. That’s more than EIGHTY-FOUR PERCENT stronger than a standard 9×9 denier 1000 row scrim! This is the strongest scrim we know of …  It’s so strong that this 16-ounce vinyl out-performs standard 18-ounce, 22-ounce, even 26-ounce vinyl! It’s stronger, more resilient, and meets fire codes standards that the other vinyl’s can’t match.

Steel-Scrim Vinyl vs. Standard Laminate Vinyl

Steel-Scrim1   Steel-Scrim2

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