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How to Measure a Curtain System

How to Measure a Curtain System

1. Select the type of system required: Industrial Curtain, Welding Curtain, Auto-Guard Curtain, Warehouse Divider Curtain, Food Grade Curtain, Black-out Curtain, or any other variation of our Barrier Curtain Series.


2. Measure the work area to enclose. Partition layouts can be a straight run, L-Shape, U-Shape, O-Shape or Multi-station partition. An extra 3% + 2” is added to the curtain partition width for drapage.


3. Determine the height and order curtain system from Floor to Top of the Track Mount. (Normal tolerance is +/- 1/2″). Because floors are not always even, take measurement from highest point of floor. Steel Guard Safety deducts 3″ from partition height to allow for track and rollers on systems.


4. Select desired colors. Industrial Curtains, Welding Curtains, Auto-Guard Curtains, and Warehouse Divider Curtains are supplied with one color below the see-through section and another color above the see-through section. Available in 13.5 oz, 16 oz Steel-Scrim, or 18 oz vinyl fabric. Curtains systems can be completely “Private” with all opaque material at no extra charge.


5. Select desired hanging method for the Track System. Standard mounting is beam to chain hanging from the top of the ceiling. Hardware can also be supplied for threaded rod, ceiling, or wall mount, at no additional charge. Beam flange mounts and Floor Mount Hardware are available for an extra charge.


Custom Designed Solutions

Steel Guard Safety’s expert staff can assist you in solving specific or out of the ordinary in-plant safety and noise problems. We can recommend the right combination of standard and custom designed products to fit your needs.

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