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Lead Wool Blankets | Lead Shielding Blankets

Lead Wool Blankets In Multiple Colors In VinylSteel Guard Safety’s Lead Wool Blankets are superior radiation protection with proven strength and durability with the highest level of expert manufacturing and construction. Each blanket is layered in continuous lead wool rope, compressed, to minimizing gaps and increase radiation attenuation. All Blankets can be mad in Custom Sizes and Shapes in Nuclear Power Applications. Standard Material is Either Heavy Duty 18 oz Vinyl, or for High Heat Applications a Silicone Coated Fiberglass.



Lead Blanket FeaturesLead Wool Blankets In Yellow Vinyl Overlapped For Radiation Shielding

  • QQ-C-40 Type II Grade C Lead, Weighed, Layered in Varied Patterns, Then Compressed on Our Machine.
  • Standard Material is constructed of 18 oz Coated Vinyl Exterior Layers.
  • RF Heat Welded on Exterior Seams For Superior Durability.
  • Rear of Blanket is CNC Quilted to Keep the Lead Wools Proper Thickness Over Time and Prevent Streaming.
  • All Lead Wool Blankets Have Specific Lot Numbers for Tracking.
  • Heavy Duty #4 Tooth Grommets in Specific Increments for Layering.Lead Wool Blankets On Moveable Frame For Portable Radiation Shielding
  • Available High Heat Fiberglass Material Exterior Material for High Heat Applications over 180 degrees.
  • Custom Nuclea-Shield Frames Can Be Added for Portable Protection to Hang Blankets.
  • Custom Sizes, Lead Wool Weight per Sq/lb, Colors, and Printing.
  • Straps, D-Rings, Buckles, and More Can be Added.



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Lead Wool Blanket Benefits

Lead Blanket Is Quilted On Back Side To Keep Integrity Of Layering For Years.

  • Custom Mold Lead Blankets to Many Components in Various Ways.
  • Lead Wool Rope Blankets, with Proper Construction, and Wear, is Proven to Last up to 30 years.
  • Lot Tracking, Quilting, and Heavy Duty Vinyl or Fiberglass Materials Make for Consistent Radiation Protection, without Streaming.


Premier Lead Blanket Manufacturing


Steel Guard has over 15 years in Barrier Protection Products in Industrial Manufacturing. Our production and operational expertise extends to the many different shielding situations an operator or technician will encounter. From small local site shielding projects to large scale refueling outages,

Lead blankets are constructed with lead wool or lead plate. Lead wool consists of fine strands of lead from .005 to .015 inch diameter, of varying length. Steel Guard uses all lead wool products in accordance with Federal Specification QQ-C-40 Type II Grade C. We weigh, interlace, and use a press to compact this interlaced wool in a random orientation to prevent streaming.

Materials used for inner and outer covers can be vinyl coated nylon, , or silicone-impregnated fiberglass fabric for temperatures above 180 degrees F. Standard color for high temperature silicone material is gray. The back sides are quilted with a CNC machine and exterior Edges are RF Heat Sealed and High Temperature Blankets have sewn edges.

Where higher radiation is present, and greater shielding is required, multiple blankets can be stacked on each other to achieve a linear reduction in dose rate.


Lead Wool Snakes

Lead Wool Or Lead Plate Blankets With Straps And Rings For Contouring


  • Lead Plate Blanket. As our Blankets can be made in various widths, lengths and thicknesses. Lead meets Federal Specification QQ-L-201.
  • Covers include: Coated Vinyl , Polyurethane Laminate, Silicone-Impregnated Fiberglass (Hi-Temperature) and Kevlar.
  • Available with Velcro securing straps and grommets on the border of the snake.



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Lead Radiation Shielding Thickness Chart

Lead Wool

Density (Ib/sq ft) Blanket Thickness (in) Reduction (60 Co)
10 3/8 25%
12.5 1/2 32%
15 5/8 35%
20 3/4 44%


Lead Plate

Density (Ib/sq ft) Blanket Thickness (in) Reduction (60 Co)
7.5 1/8 19%
9.25 5/32 23%
11 3/16 27%
15 1/4 35%


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RAD Pro Calculator

Rad Pro Calculator helps Health Physicists, Radiochemists, Radiological Researchers and even Safety Officers performs many nuclear calculations that are useful for many calculations including the gamma emitter dose rate and activity around the plant.

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