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Laser Safety Screens & Portable Laser Barriers

Steel Guard’s Laser Safety Screens are specifically suited to block laser beams and stray laser plume in Class 3B and 4 Lasers. Standard sizes can be modularly pieced together for Larger Laser Barrier Runs. Made of heavy-duty 16 gage steel frame for mobile laser environments the Portable Laser Barriers are rated for class 3B (IIIb) and class 4 (Class IV) lasers utilizing either our 1 layer or 2 layer B-35 Laser Blocking Material, available with or without casters.

Ordinary Safety Screens are not capable of stopping a laser beams and stray plume, Steel Guards’ laser blocking safety screens are required for blocking these types of lasers.

Steel Guard Safety’s Portable Laser Barriers are excellent for use as a safety screen in industrial, medical, dentistry or manufacturing applications.

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Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for Mobile Laser Environments, Stops Stray Laser Plume Inside the Laser Portable Room, And Direct Beam Hits From Escaping.
  • Protects Onlookers Outside the Laser Room from Needing PPE Gear.
  • All Laser Screens / Portable Laser Barriers are CE marked and Certified ANSI Z136.8-2012 and NFPA-701 Specifications.
  • Blocks Lasers with Maximum Irradiance Level of 300 W/cm2
  • Danger Sign to Prevent Any Unwanted Entry and Safe Passage.
  • Hinged Frame allows modular Attachment of multiple Laser Safety Screens.
  • Velcro Attachments Allow the Portable Laser Barriers to Connect Together in Long Straight Runs
  • Standard Sizes: H-68” x W-19”, 68” x W-38”, H-68” x W-38”, H-68” x W-57”, H-68” x W-57”, H-68” x W-76”, H-68” x W-95”
  • Laser Safety Barriers are Custom Designed for your Size, Application, and Type of Laser.


  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Portable Laser Control Rooms
  • Surgical & Hospital Operating Rooms
  • Dental Operating Facilities
  • Military Testing

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