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Industrial Roll Goods and Custom Bulk Roll Materials

Steel Guard manufactures high-quality vinyl rolls that are used in our various industrial safety products. We offer these materials in bulk for custom applications, giving customers the opportunity to create their own products with our bulk materials. Vinyl roll goods are available from us in different types of materials based on preferred color, thickness, length, and width. We also offer different types of specialty materials to meet the needs of certain applications that require protection from light, electricity, or temperature in warehouse docking areas.

If you require other specialty materials, we are likely able to source it and provide you with the desired product.

Opaque Vinyl Roll Goods

Some applications require completely opaque materials in vinyl curtain walls or other constructions. We carry four main types of opaque vinyl rolls depending on project requirements. Our opaque materials include steel-scrim laminate vinyl, nylon laminate vinyl, vinyl-coated nylon-reinforced vinyl, and canvas duck are useful in many different applications. These materials are resistant to wear from mildew, UV, oils, water, fire, alkalis, and other environmental factors.Choose from various color options based on material specifications.

For more details about opaque vinyl materials, see here.

Weld-View Industrial Roll Goods

For welding applications, we carry vinyl rolls that with transparent welding windows that allow employees to view welding work while remaining protected outside of the work area. Our PVC film is available in various thicknesses for welding screens and curtains, and is capable of protecting against light and UV radiation. Different color options are also available depending on the application.

For more details about Weld-View transparent PVC materials, see here.

Clear-View Transparent Rolls

If you want entirely transparent vinyl curtains for your application, Steel Guard also offers clear PVC film that offers the same level of physical protection as other vinyl curtains. However, they are not intended for welding applications because of their lack of tint.

For more information about Clear-View transparent PVC materials, see here.

Specialty Materials

For applications requiring additional protection against electricity and light, Steel Guard offers specialty materials for vinyl roll goods, including Electro-Shield, Blackout, and Flo-Tex mesh materials. Electro-Shield vinyl material forms a beehive pattern, with grounding scrim that eliminates static electricity. Blackout vinyl rolls are useful for completely blocking natural and artificial light from workspaces that require a dark environment.

If you would like additional details about specialty vinyl materials, see here.

High-Temp Vinyl Materials

If a facility needs additional heat resistance, high-temp vinyl materials are available to protect people and equipment from welding sparks and spatter on vertical planes.

Institutional PVC Materials

Institutional facilities such as hospitals also require specialty materials that can avoid bacteria buildup, which is why anti-microbial, anti-static and stain resistant PVC materials are available for these applications.

Noise Control Vinyl Materials

For locations requiring noise blocking, Sound Shield vinyl materials are available with density fiberglass batting and vinyl-coated fiberglass on both sides.

Insulated Materials

If certain areas need additional climate control, insulated Energy Shield materials can provide sufficient insulation in these areas. They are made with 2 layers of coated vinyl that cover a layer of 3M Thinsulate insulation or foil-laminated Bubble.

All of our materials are flame resistant to meet the minimum requirements of the California State Fire Marshall along with NFPA-701.

Consult with Steel Guard to Find the Best Bulk Roll Materials

If you’re unsure about which material to use for your application, contact Steel Guard for assistance with material selection or call 1-800-347-8368. We can help you choose the perfect material based on space requirements and other specifications pertaining to your project.

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