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Why Use Steel Guard Safety?

Since its founding in 1913 and reincorporation in 2005, Steel Guard Safety Corp. has been devoted to providing top quality industrial fabric products. Our safety curtain walls and screens are constructed to last in harsh weather conditions and drastic temperatures, and are resistant to tearing. There are several reasons to choose Steel Guard Safety Corp. for industrial safety products.


U.S. Manufacturing of All Safety Products

Not only do we construct all of our products in the U.S., but we also use American-made materials that are of the highest quality in the industry. By manufacturing all of our products in-house, we can ensure that every product is constructed under our supervision without any weak points in manufacturing that might otherwise go unnoticed. All of our products experience the same level of quality during the manufacturing process.


Years of Manufacturing Experience

Since 1913, Steel Guard Safety Corp. has manufactured many different fabric products for both recreational and industrial applications. Through our experience in manufacturing, we have managed to come up with custom fabric products to meet customers’ specific needs, with access to the best materials in the industry. Nearly any type of facility can benefit from the products that we provide.


Customer-Pleasing Warranties

To help ensure that customers have a great experience with us, we offer some of the best warranties available in the industry, with a 6-year warranty on construction, a lifetime warranty on all track hardware and others to make sure you get the most out of our products and overall service. These warranties will help maximize the longevity of all of the products we offer.


Through top quality manufacturing, customization for individual projects and industry-leading warranties, Steel Guard Safety Corp. has managed to satisfy many customers over the years with industrial fabric products that meet their specific needs. We help customers choose from a selection of strong plastic fabrics and many different hardware options to come up with a solution that works best for them.


If you would like to get started on designing an industrial curtain wall or screen for your facility, contact Steel Guard Safety Corp. today and we’ll provide a free quote to begin the process.

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