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Barn Farm Strip Curtains

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Barn Strip Doors

Barn Strip Curtains are commonly used as entry doors for horses, pigs, and livestock. They are also commonly used in areas such as zoos, doggy daycare, and animal exhibitions. Some exotic animals these are used for include goats, lamas, sheep, elephants, and alpacas. These Barn Strip Curtains control the inside temperature of the barn or enclosure and keep out rain, wind and in-climate weather. They also allow easy entrance and exit for the animals without the need to prop open doors. PVC Strips can be easily cleaned with water and solvents.

Barn Strip Door kits are an easy, low cost way to seal off entry ways for animals in Barns or Shelters. All the while keeping temperature controlled, and easy access for moving from inside to outside. PVC Strips come in many different widths and lengths depending on your application. The most common is the clear smooth vinyl strip curtains (also called clear flat). Smooth Strip Door Kits are available in 6″, 8″, 12″, or 16″ wide strips with hardware.

PVC Strip Curtain Kits – Smooth, Flat

  • Color: Clear, Smooth
  • Material: Transparent PVC, Flat & Smooth in 6″, 8″, 12″ 0r 16″ Wide Strips
  • Kit Includes: Universal Galvanized Steel Hardware w/ Bolts & Plate, (Mounts on Wall, Eave, or Suspendible) Cut & Punched Strips.

Ships In: 1 -2 Business Days

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