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Antimicrobial Curtains & Barriers | Coronavirus Curtains

Covid 19 Curtain BarriersSteel Guard Safety manufactures Custom Containment Curtains for the Hospital and Health Care Industry. Custom Barriers Can be spec’d to create an air-tight seal from harmful pathogens. This Anti-microbial Vinyl is the best material to prevent pathogens from propagating or even staying alive. While these curtains do not kill the virus on contact, it has the least chance to spread with a contained area, and a short life if transferred to this material.

Have a specific commercial application that needs a custom curtain solution? Are run-of-the-mill curtain fabrics unable to effectively barrier off your facility?

Steel Guard’s long-standing knowledge of curtain dividers and barrier applications encompasses hundreds of different applications and technical fabric types. Because of this knowledge, you have accessibility to create a tailored solution to your application. Some custom add-ons include:

  • Turn Buckles
  • Zippers
  • Custom Windows
  • Custom Sized Grommets
  • Snaps
  • Straps
  • Buckles
  • Pockets

If you need help with designing your Covid-19 or Quarantine Curtain System, please contact one of our Experienced Sales Reps to help you design the right system for your needs.

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