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Laser Safety Barrier Curtains

Laser Safety Curtains - CageEnclose your laser work area with a laser safety curtain from Steel Guard

Laser Safety Curtains from Steel Guard Safety utilize a specialized B-35 laser curtain material to stop stray laser plume and radiation from Class 3B and Class 4 lasers in industrial, medical, surgical, and military safety applications. All Laser Safety Barrier Curtains are Certified CE and approved per ANSI Z136.8-2012 as well as NFPA-701. Curtains and Screens can be used to block lasers of all wavelengths between 180 and 10600 nm.

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Laser Safety Curtains Enclosure With ValanceFeatures & Benefits

  • Stops Stray Laser Plume Inside the Laser Control Room, And Direct Beam Hits From Escaping.
  • Protects Onlookers Outside the Laser Room from Needing PPE.
  • All Laser Screens & Curtains are CE marked and Certified ANSI Z136.8-2012 and NFPA-701 Specifications.
  • Blocks Lasers with a Maximum Irradiance Level of 300 W/cm2
  • Danger Sign to Prevent Unwanted Entry and Safe Passage.
  • Laser Safety Barriers are Custom Designed for your Size, Application, and Type of Laser.
  • Velcro Attachments Allow the Laser Barriers to Connect Modularly to Each Other.
  • Flexible Mounting Options Including Suspended, Ceiling, Wall, or Floor Mounting, as Well as Portable Frames.



  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Laser Control Rooms
  • Laser Window Treatments
  • Surgical & Hospital Operating Rooms
  • Dental Operating Facilities
  • Military Testing

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