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Heavy Duty Tarps

We have one of the largest supplies of heavy duty tarps in different colors and sizes in North America. People who need true heavy duty tarps cannot take a chance on a weak mesh count or light poly coating. Heavy-duty tarps are for use with constant exposure to the elements. We use durable and sturdy materials, such as vinyl, poly, and canvas, that will last long.

More so than our other tarps, heavy duty tarps do well in job settings where there is a lot of dirt or dust on the ground -they can even help trap foot traffic if necessary. Furthermore, heavy duty tarps provide all-year protection thanks to the high UV resistance of their fabric: they surpass 100% when it comes to UV Protective Light Transmission!

Heavy duty tarping is often used in the following industries: agriculture, industrial construction, and commercial. The heavy duty tarps are manufactured to be super tough with strength and resistance to demanding work and severe weather conditions. We recommend these tarps for jobs that need something tougher than our standard tarp options because this durable material can hold up against any type of job. If you’re not sure which one will suit your needs just ask!

Recommended Heavy Duty Tarp Applications

  • Canopies and Tents
  • Covers a Storm Damaged Roof
  • Covering Vehicles, Boats & RV’s
  • Covering Hay Bales and Wood Piles
  • Concrete Curing & Construction Insulation
  • Covering Furniture or Outdoor Equipment


Poly Tarps

Poly Tarps

Poly Tarps are the Most Economical of Heavy Duty Tarps, with a Water Proof Coating Resiliant to most Liquids & Chemicals.

Fire Retardant Vinyl Tarps

Vinyl Tarps

One of the Longest Lasting Heavy Duty Tarps. A variety of Weights and Coatings for a Variety of Uses.

Insulated Tarps & Concrete Blankets

Insulated Tarps & Curtain Blankets Provide High R-Values, To Seal in Temperatures in Concrete During Cold Weather.

Industrial Tarps

Large Industrial Tarps are used for Covering Construction of Large Ships, Bridges, and Highway Projects.

Mesh Tarps

Use Mesh Tarps to Allow Air Flow, While Creating Privacy, and Preventing Debris from Entering Areas.
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