Data Center Hot Aisle Containment Curtains

Data Center Hot Aisle Containment Curtains are the most economical way to create a barrier that guides hot aisle exhaust airflow upward back to the CRAC (computer room air conditioner) return. Hot aisle Containment keeps hot exhaust air emitted from server room racks separated.  Easily Retrofitted to existing Data Center Server Rooms, this strategy of keeping the server room cool floods the room with cold air.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Hot Aisle Data Center Containment Curtains are the Most Economical Way to Keep Hot Air Flow Away from Your Server Room for Superior Data Center Performance.
  • Customizable to Any Size to Create a Critical Air Tight Seal for Positive Air Flow or the Flexibility to have Moveable Curtains at Access Points.
  • High Quality 16 oz Steel Scrim Vinyl, 18 oz Coated Vinyl Or 40 Mil Clear Vinyl with RF Sealed Joints Provides a Data Center Curtain System that will last for years.
  • Easily Installed by Maintenance staff or Retrofitted over an existing Drop Ceiling with our Fuse Linked Ceiling Mounts (these links melt at 135 Degrees which is lower than your Fire Suppression system would Activate).
  • Data Center Hot Aisle Containment Curtains keep machines operating at an ideal temperature, which is between 70° and 75° F.

Data center curtains with a Hot Aisle Air Containment are available in stationary Clear Curtains or Strip Doors, as well as Retractable Soft wall or Clear Curtains.

Utilizing Steel Guards High Quality Industrial Strength PVC Materials we can manufacture a custom Air Containment Solution for your facility. Combining the curtains with a Retractable Track and Roller System or Stationary Aluminum Mount allows you to attach the data center curtains to the drop ceiling and to the tops of the racks.

An Intelligently Designed Fuse Link Ceiling Mounts Allow the system to drop to the floor before a fire is started once the temperature reaches 135 degrees.

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U.S. manufactured, iron-clad protected. Discover the unrivaled performance of our steel-scrim vinyl.