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Containment Tarps

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Containment Tarps

When your containment project needs coverage, look to Steel Guard for  high quality tarps  to contain construction dust and contaminants.

Containment tarps have many variations, from GEO tarps to even Airbag Tarps. These tarps can be for storage and more permanent applications or for a temporary containment project, a solid durable containment tarp is a pivotal piece of the puzzle.

If your looking to install the tarps more permanently for storage purposes, these tarps can play an essential role in making sure workers are protected and the jobsite is secure. The tarps are designed to be as heavy duty and durable as possible while still remaining relatively lightweight for easy installation. These tarps come in a number of materials, including vinyl, canvas, and nylon.

Containment tarps assist in many different containment tasks. Vinyl coated polyester tarps are specifically useful for jobs that have to have a water-proofing for equipment or structures. Bridges, Drydocks and water towers are just several applications. GEO tarps, on the other hand, are treated to reflect – ultra-violet rays, helping protect worksites from sun damage. Airbag tarps, a relatively light, yet strong, and can be made flame retardant materials like coated silicone and woven nylon. Pressurized containment projects involve positive air flow, and can be vital for the storage of sensitive and fragile materials.

Steel Guard Safety has a family lineage of generations in the industrial fabric manufacturing business, and capabilities of manufacturing and sourcing the specialty containment tarp to meet your needs for Geo Tarps, Airbag Tarps and other heavy duty industrial tarps.


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