Welding Screens & Stock Curtains

Tired of Replacing Puny Welding Screens? Stop the Frustrating Breaking, and Bending of Poorly Made Weld Screens. NEW – Weld-Shield™ is made from U.S. made 16 Gage Electronically Galvanized Steel, Finally a Screen Made to Last.

Weld-Shield™ Welding Screens have been designed to protect your employees exposed to welding hazards and provide a sturdier, beefier option that has not been available in the past. Weld-Shield™ Welding Screens are made to stop the dangers In MIG, TIG, Plasma Cutting, Grinding, and other Specialty Manufacturing Areas.


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Weld Shield™ Screens are specifically designed to stop the following hazards and benefit your welding areas:


  • Holds up to Extreme Abuse – 16 Gage Electronically Galvanized Square Tube Frame – Stops Bending, Breaking, and Replacement. See the Comparison to the Competition!
  • Protects Workers against Welding Arc, Weld Flash, Sparks, Fumes, Dust, & Flying Debris.
  • Frames can be designed in Single, 2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way or Custom Configurations to divide and create an efficient production area.
  • 5 Different Weld-View Materials to choose from plus Custom Material Options available for your unique Welding Area needs.
  • Designed to be OSHA Safe and CFM & NFPA-701 Certified Flame Resistant for Welding Areas.
  • Custom Made Sizes Available
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Need a quick solution to your welding barrier problem? Just need a Stock Welding Curtain or Roll Goods to accommodate your facility? All of our Weld-Shield™ Series of Stock Welding Screens, Welding Curtains, and Welding Curtain Rolls are made for quick shipment in 1-2 Business Days.


Order Online for quick delivery or call one of our Inside Sales Representatives tat 1-800-347-8368 to further discuss your application.