Energy Shield Insulated Curtains – Fold-A-Way

What if you Could … Create Adjustable Temperature Zones That Open Up, Cut Down on Energy Costs, All at a Fraction of Permanent Walls?


Energy-Shield Insulated Curtains with new 3M Thinsulate Fold-A-Way technology are the cost effective way to divide temperature zones for freezer-to-freezer, cooler-to-cooler, freezer-to-ambient storage, food storage, and other work areas. Flexible to move and modify Energy-Shield Fold-A-Way Insulated Curtains are able to open up and close to 1/3 the size to allow large machinery or equipment access your temperature controlled areas.


  • “Slide” and “Collapse Out-of-the-Way” with our Track & Roller System When Not in Use Unlike Typical Stationary Insulated Panels.
  • Dividing Plant Space for Temperature Zoned Areas – at 1/3 to 1/5 the Cost of Permanent Wall Construction.
  • Create Moveable, Flexible Walls – Keep Zoned Areas for Conditioned Environments, Seasonal Needs, or Plant Layout Changes.
  • Easily & Quickly Installed – No Need for Building Permits, Contractors, or Costly Plant Shutdowns.
  • Designed to be Modular – Add more Panels, and Easily Attach Together with Velcro and Variable Track Mounting Options
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Energy Shield Insulated Curtain Walls are used commonly in:


  • Refrigerated Areas
  • Warehouse Areas
  • Dock Areas
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • 3 PLS (Third Party Logistics)
  • Data Centers
  • Airports


Call 1-800-347-8368. Our sales staff is available Monday through Friday to answer all of your questions about designing Energy Shield Fold-A-Way Insulated Curtains or use our request-a-quote system and a sales professional will contact you within 24 hours.