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Dust Control Methods in a Warehouse using Industrial Curtains

It’s no surprise to see dust buildup in manufacturing plants and warehouses. But if not removed as early as possible, it can be a real threat to the neighboring equipment, materials, furniture, and even products that are ready to be dispatched. The reasons for the accumulation of dust particles might include:

  • Exhaust gases released from combustion machinery
  • Tires that leave a black mark on the surface of the floor
  • Wooden pallets and cardboard boxes

Though small quantity of dust is harmless to anyone, lack of maintenance could pose a threat to the workers as well as the equipment. In this post, we’ll discuss the hazards of dust buildup in an industrial setting and the methods to control dust.

Dangers of Accumulated Dust on a Warehouse

Dust directly affects employees’ health

Airborne dust can also be a hazard to the overall health of employees. Regular dust exposure might harm the eyes, ears, skin, and respiratory system. Add to that the impact of allergies on their wellbeing. Spending several hours in such an environment can increase the risk of having various illnesses.

Dust deteriorates your equipment

If your warehouse comprises functional equipment, dust alone can wreak havoc on its performance. Besides depleting the efficiency of the equipment, it might lead to alleviated maintenance costs. The downtime might eventually lead to loss. Dust also affects internal parts of the machinery in the form of clogged air filters and damaged electric components. This can end up in facing further issues in terms of quality control.

Dust might lead to serious accidents

If dust is accumulated on the floor, it can lead to slipping accidents. Another expected accident can be caused by a combustive explosion. If not removed for a long time, dust can actually become flammable and might even explode especially if it gets exposed to the ignition source – thereby risking the lives of everyone present in the factory or warehouse. Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly adapt dust control methods to avoid serious injuries and large fines.

How to Control Dust in a Warehouse

The good news is that you can adapt several dust control methods to avoid contamination of the entire warehouse. Let’s explore each one in detail.

Go for a ventilation system

Ventilation systems comprise extractor fans that enable airflows within the warehouse. Turning them on will trigger the fans to pull tiny particles of dust towards them. Once the dust is extracted from the facility, you can switch off these fans. The next step is to safely remove the accumulated dust.

Ensure regular cleaning

Though cleaning is a regular maintenance task, dust control requires some extra effort. You can use special detergents for cleaning electronics and equipment. However, be wary of using water on electronics as it could also lead to electric shocks. Instead, the safe option is to use any microfiber cloth to remove dust from the hard-to-reach surfaces.

Give fogging a try

Fog makers prepare tiny drops of water. They release these droplets into the air. The droplets then stick to the dust particles. That way, fogging eliminates large particles as they fall off. Fogging systems are a feasible option if you’re looking for long-term protection from dust.

Cover the surfaces

Invest in small as well as large containers to store all materials, equipment, etc. of the warehouse inside them. This will directly prevent the dust from gathering onto the surfaces.

Reduce the need for moving materials

Dust can gather onto the floors depending on how frequently tires are being used to move materials to and from the warehouse. More traffic means more dust. Therefore, you can look for a solution that limits the movement of materials without having a negative impact on the operations of your warehouse.

Install Industrial curtains

Made from high-quality fabric, industrial curtains are an effective solution to prevent dust from entering the facility compartments. These curtains also help prevent airborne dust particles from entering that specific workplace setting.

That way, the dust will just sit on the industrial curtains and not on the space you want to protect. The dust accumulated on these curtains can be removed later. The warehouse curtain dividers are also easy to clean – just a wipe with some wet towel will do the job. If the curtains are too high, a pull-stick will come in handy.

Why Using Industrial Curtains Should Be the Topmost Priority

Industrial curtains are effective, strong, and durable. This is one of the reasons why these specialized curtains are a must-have for protecting warehouses and manufacturing plants from dirt, dust, and debris. Besides, these are easy to install. Once set up, they can surround all places where dust might gather. Since ample space will be covered with industrial curtains, there will be a limited need for repetitive cleaning. As a result, you’ll be able to reduce business costs by spending less on removing the dust particles.

Using industrial curtains is a more practical approach to maintain employees’ health. Since these curtains provide a higher level of protection from dust, you can ensure that your employees are getting a clean working environment. Industrial curtains will also help them stay away from harmful smoke, fumes, odors, sanding dust, woodworking dust, and pesticides.

Since installing industrial curtains for dust control will enable partition, it will confine the space. This will benefit the exhaust system in the long run because smaller space needs to be exhausted now. Eventually, you can replace heavy-load exhaust systems with smaller exhaust systems to further reduce operating costs. All this is only possible if the space is covered with industrial curtains.

The Takeaway

Dust control is an important aspect of maintaining any warehouse. Each method discussed above is worth applying not only because of cutting business costs but also for the health and safety of your employees. When choosing industrial curtains, it’s wise to conduct ample research, and then, select the ones with durable material. Once done, you’re set to protect your warehouse from unwanted dust.

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