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    Dangers of High Noise Levels in Industrial Facilities


    Noise levels of 85 decibels or higher can cause hearing loss, while also presenting a distraction for workers that can result in other injuries. Thankfully, facilities can use sound deadening curtains that sufficiently prevent loud noises from escaping designated work areas. Here’s a closer look at the specific dangers associated with high noise levels in […]

    Benefits of Installing Sound Absorbing Curtains


    Industrial noise is capable of causing hearing loss at 85 decibels or above. High noise levels can also lead to injuries, damage to valuable equipment, and reduced productivity because of lost concentration. Installing soundproof walls may seem like the right solution, but for applications with changing levels of noise and varying workspace requirements, sound absorbing […]

    Using Industrial Curtains in Hot Rod Auto Body Shops


      Hot rod vehicles often require a greater amount of attention and service than other types of vehicles, as many of them are intended for showcasing rather than transportation. To protect hot rod vehicles, industrial curtain wall systems are ideal to install in auto body facilities that service them. Industrial curtains can block paint, welding […]

    Roller Track Systems for Airflow Containment


      Airflow containment systems are easier to manipulate when using hardware that allows users to simply move the curtains in and out of the way depending on the need for them. Roller track systems give users the ability to manipulate curtain wall systems without any hassle, while keeping curtains firmly in place when needed. There […]

    Keeping Pests Out of Warehouses with Industrial Curtains

    keep pests out of warehouse

    Many warehouses and distribution centers suffer from pest infestations, putting companies at risk of product contamination and failed health inspections. Warehouses often have multiple open entry points that make it easy for insects, rodents, and birds to enter and infest. To prevent health hazards and damage to inventory, consider using industrial curtains to effectively keep […]

    How Industrial Curtain Walls Can Help Improve Air Quality in Metalworking

    industrial curtain walls

    One of the biggest quality control challenges in the metalworking industry is containment of particulates in the air such as dust. Welding, grinding, and cutting are commonplace in this industry, oftentimes sending metal particles into the air that can cause many different safety issues. Facility managers shouldn’t ignore these issues, and can address them with […]

    Using Impact Resistant Swinging Doors in Restaurants

    Impact resistant swinging doors

    Restaurants often have different areas that require separation at all times. One of the best ways to keep these spaces separate is to install swinging doors that can keep noise and temperatures contained in different types of rooms. Restaurants will typically separate kitchens from customer-serving areas including dining rooms, counters, and ordering lines. They often […]

    Eliminating Electricity Risks with Anti-Static Curtains

    Prevent electro-static charges from devastating your facility with anti-static curtains.

    Electro-static charges can potentially devastate a facility in a number of ways. They can cause irreversible damage to electronic devices and heavy machinery, or harm employees. The most effective way to avoid these risks is to protect valuable equipment and employees using anti-static curtains. With these static blocking curtains installed in a facility, you can […]

    SteelGuard Safety Moving to Larger Location

    Moving house to a larger space to better serve our customers

    You know SteelGuard Safety as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial safety products, including industrial curtain walls, tarps, awnings, and more. Since 1913, we’ve produced reliable, durable products for a number of industries, and we’re proud to announce that in the second week of November, we’ll be packing our bags and moving to a […]

    Maintain Warehouse Temperatures with Loading Dock Curtains

    Loading dock curtains

    Warehouses with tall and wide loading docks may spend more on energy than they need to because of ill-maintained temperatures. If loading docks are open, hot or cold air can easily escape, causing heating and cooling systems to work harder. Loading dock curtains are among the most effective solutions to prevent temperature loss in a […]