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    Using Impact Resistant Swinging Doors in Restaurants

    Impact resistant swinging doors

    Restaurants often have different areas that require separation at all times. One of the best ways to keep these spaces separate is to install swinging doors that can keep noise and temperatures contained in different types of rooms. Restaurants will typically separate kitchens from customer-serving areas including dining rooms, counters, and ordering lines. They often […]

    Eliminating Electricity Risks with Anti-Static Curtains

    Prevent electro-static charges from devastating your facility with anti-static curtains.

    Electro-static charges can potentially devastate a facility in a number of ways. They can cause irreversible damage to electronic devices and heavy machinery, or harm employees. The most effective way to avoid these risks is to protect valuable equipment and employees using anti-static curtains. With these static blocking curtains installed in a facility, you can […]

    SteelGuard Safety Moving to Larger Location

    Moving house to a larger space to better serve our customers

    You know SteelGuard Safety as one of the leading manufacturers of industrial safety products, including industrial curtain walls, tarps, awnings, and more. Since 1913, we’ve produced reliable, durable products for a number of industries, and we’re proud to announce that in the second week of November, we’ll be packing our bags and moving to a […]

    Maintain Warehouse Temperatures with Loading Dock Curtains

    Loading dock curtains

    Warehouses with tall and wide loading docks may spend more on energy than they need to because of ill-maintained temperatures. If loading docks are open, hot or cold air can easily escape, causing heating and cooling systems to work harder. Loading dock curtains are among the most effective solutions to prevent temperature loss in a […]

    Using Industrial Blackout Curtains for Light Blocking

    Industrial Blackout Curtains for Light Blocking

    Many facilities need complete darkness while work is taking place. At the same time, facilities may not require permanent structures to keep light out, and may only require a small sealed-off work area for a short amount of time. The versatility of industrial blackout curtains gives employees the ability to block out natural and artificial […]

    How Industrial Facilities Benefit from Impact Resistant Doors

    Impact Resistant Doors

    Many types of facilities experience heavy vehicle or foot traffic, with heavy equipment passing through on a regular basis. As a result, hot and cold air can easily escape from contained areas such as cold storage facilities, which can subsequently increase overall energy expenses. Impact resistant doors can prevent this leakage, ensuring that doors close […]

    How Bollard Post Covers Help Prevent Property Damage

    Bollard post covers can keep your property safe from damage, including damage to various types of equipment and vehicles. Equipment in many types of facilities is often vulnerable to damage around vehicles and heavy machinery. Covers keep these assets protected by providing both physical and visual protection for existing bollard posts, absorbing physical damage while […]

    How Institutions Benefit from Commercial Shower Curtains

    Multiple types of institutions have showers, including hospitals, mental health facilities, and nursing homes. To keep showers clean and people safe from bacteria and other health risks, consider installing commercial shower curtains as well. In addition to helping prevent infection and the spread of disease, heavy-duty vinyl shower curtains are also flame resistant, preventing fires […]

    Installing Barn Curtains to Protect Livestock

    Barns containing livestock need to maintain a constant temperature and effectively shield animals from harmful weather conditions. Using heavy-duty barn curtains can keep poultry and other types of livestock safe and comfortable in nearly any barn. Different types of animals require specific temperature settings to encourage healthy development, and with barn curtains you can make […]

    How to Avoid Equipment Theft with Machine Shield Guard Fencing

    Many different types of facilities contain valuable equipment that thieves are likely to target. Steel Guard Safety offers heavy-duty Machine Shield guard fencing to keep thieves away from expensive machinery, as well as to keep unauthorized personnel from accessing areas with hazardous equipment. Guard fencing will keep your facility safe from potential theft and damage […]