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    How Industrial Facilities Benefit from Impact Resistant Doors

    Impact Resistant Doors

    Many types of facilities experience heavy vehicle or foot traffic, with heavy equipment passing through on a regular basis. As a result, hot and cold air can easily escape from contained areas such as cold storage facilities, which can subsequently increase overall energy expenses. Impact resistant doors can prevent this leakage, ensuring that doors close […]

    How Bollard Post Covers Help Prevent Property Damage

    Bollard post covers can keep your property safe from damage, including damage to various types of equipment and vehicles. Equipment in many types of facilities is often vulnerable to damage around vehicles and heavy machinery. Covers keep these assets protected by providing both physical and visual protection for existing bollard posts, absorbing physical damage while […]

    How Institutions Benefit from Commercial Shower Curtains

    Multiple types of institutions have showers, including hospitals, mental health facilities, and nursing homes. To keep showers clean and people safe from bacteria and other health risks, consider installing commercial shower curtains as well. In addition to helping prevent infection and the spread of disease, heavy-duty vinyl shower curtains are also flame resistant, preventing fires […]

    Installing Barn Curtains to Protect Livestock

    Barns containing livestock need to maintain a constant temperature and effectively shield animals from harmful weather conditions. Using heavy-duty barn curtains can keep poultry and other types of livestock safe and comfortable in nearly any barn. Different types of animals require specific temperature settings to encourage healthy development, and with barn curtains you can make […]

    How to Avoid Equipment Theft with Machine Shield Guard Fencing

    Many different types of facilities contain valuable equipment that thieves are likely to target. Steel Guard Safety offers heavy-duty Machine Shield guard fencing to keep thieves away from expensive machinery, as well as to keep unauthorized personnel from accessing areas with hazardous equipment. Guard fencing will keep your facility safe from potential theft and damage […]

    How to Avoid Chemical Splash Dangers with Chemical Safety Curtains

    Certain work areas that contain large amounts of chemicals require heavy-duty protection to keep property and workers safe from chemical splashes. Many corrosive chemicals can cause harm to employees and cause costly damage to equipment when exposed, which is why Steel Guard Safety offers durable high-density chemical safety curtains for sufficient protection. Keep Employees Safe […]

    Avoid Potential Optic Nerve Damage and Other Risks with Welding Curtain Products

    One of the main benefits to using Steel Guard Safety welding curtain products is the preserved well-being of employees in the workplace. Using high-quality materials in their fabrication, welding curtain dividers such as weld cells, welding blankets, curtains and screens can keep welding areas blocked off from other areas, protecting vulnerable employees from eye damage […]

    How Energy Shield or Regular Warehouse Dividers Save Energy

    When businesses want to block off certain areas to regulate temperatures, or keep property and employees safe from working hazards, industrial safety curtain dividers can not only ensure safety and temperature control, but they can also subsequently save energy. Using Energy Shield Safety Curtains or Others to Reduce Energy Costs Installing Energy Shield insulated curtains […]

    Control Plant and Warehouse Environments Using Barrier Curtains

    Good quality barrier curtains address the concerns of maintenance plant engineers, plant managers, company engineers and business owners with respect to employee safety. These products also help manage the extra costs that are involved with temporary special projects, research and development, new line installations, and meeting special client requests. In response to the manufacturing industry’s […]

    Top Benefits of SteelGuard Barrier Curtains

    The optimal solutions for safety barriers on the market today offer higher quality properties than ever before. Meeting the challenge: to develop a top quality barrier product for multi-use in the manufacturing industry, passing the strictest codes for flame resistance which includes ASTM E-84, CFM, and NFPA-701, an exceptional engineering team developed some unique new barrier products. […]