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    High-Powered Tools Can Cause High Impact Damage

    The increasing utilization of technology and manufacturing has created a need for more high-powered tools in many work environments. These large and extremely powerful tools are commonplace in manufacturing plants, auto body shops and many other commercial and industrial work spaces. Although high-powered tools bring extreme advantages and benefits to production rates, they create a […]

    Protect Your Agricultural Investments with Curtain Wall Panels

    Let’s face it—running an agricultural business isn’t cheap. Livestock require care and attention. You’ve invested in facilities, feed and your animals. Just like any business, you want to protect your investment and improve your ROI. Agricultural curtains, panels and tarps can help you protect your facilities and your livestock. Benefits of Agricultural Curtains Livestock depend […]

    Heat Stress and Poultry: How Agriculture Curtains Improve Poultry Health

    In addition to receiving nutritional feed and adequate water, chickens, turkeys and other poultry livestock require a fairly stable environment to consistently produce adequate amounts of meat and eggs. Poultry barns that provide low stress, temperature-stable conditions contribute greatly to the healthy maturation of poultry. Temperature and humidity especially affect poultry because birds have high […]

    10 Benefits of Anti-Microbial Laminate Vinyl

    Out of the 35 million U.S. residents admitted to hospitals every year (American Hospital Association), nearly two million will contract a viral or bacterial infection as a hospital patient (Centers for Disease Control). What’s more disturbing is that physicians are seeing an alarming rise in the number of hospital-based infections caused by bacteria called superbugs […]

    New Universal Mount Streamlines Installation—Every Time

    Protecting your facility—regardless of what industry it lies in—is crucial when it comes to maximizing your profits and ensuring that your business meets its short and long term goals. Whether you need a barrier for your cold storage warehouse to help maintain the temperature to meet industry standards or you want a screen to better […]

    Clear-View PVC Vinyl Curtains Reduces Energy Costs and Ensures Employee Safety

    Workplace accidents involving forklift crashes and collisions with other employees cost companies millions of dollars every year in health insurance and downtime. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if facility managers had installed vinyl strip doors as secondary barriers instead of traditional doors. In addition to presenting superior optical clarity on both sides, […]

    10 Great Benefits Provided by Sound-blocking Panels

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, 30 million U.S. workers are exposed occupationally to sustained, elevated levels of noise in the workplace that exceed recommended safety standards set by OSHA. Since 1980, hearing loss caused by workplace noise is regularly listed as a major health concern in the U.S., forcing tens of thousands of […]

    8 Ways to Use Shield Curtains for Agriculture

    Shield curtains can be used with agriculture in a variety of ways while keeping costs down and flexibility high. Buildings, pens and barriers are raised in an effort to divide or shield, but these are often expensive, time-consuming and are not easy to tear down and set up in other parts of the farm. Shield […]

    The Benefits of Dust Control Curtains in the Workplace

    Dust and fumes present a significant nuisance in many work environments. Loose particulates can cause health and safety concerns by interrupting or distracting workers. Many don’t know that it can cause destructive explosions, or that dust is linked to lung cancer and other health ailments. The use of curtains to control dust and fumes increases […]

    Control Decibels With Sound Shield Curtains

    The work environment of a manufacturing facility affects the productivity and efficiency of its workers. Production lines make sure safety standards are met while keeping work areas clean and operational. Few consider the productivity benefits of noise-cancelation. Reducing noise in the workplace improves the personal, organizational and social environment of the space. Health risks are […]