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    Uses for Curtains in Medical & Healthcare Facilities

    Medical curtains are required in nearly every type of medical and healthcare space, providing patients with privacy and helping maintain sanitation in many cases. There are several types of medical and healthcare curtains available for many types of facilities. Hospital Privacy Curtains and Tracks Patients in hospitals and other types of inpatient facilities often require […]

    Insulated Metal Panel Walls vs. Insulated Curtain Walls

    insulated metal panel walls vs curtains

      Insulated metal panel walls are commonly used for many applications, but insulated curtain walls are a more economical and effective solution for dividing coolers and freezers. Here are some of the ways you can save on floor space, insulation, installation, and expenses with insulated curtains. More Available Floor Space Than Insulated Metal Panel Walls […]

    Installing Aircraft Hangar Curtains

      Along with many other types of locations, industrial curtain walls are ideal for use in aircraft hangars. Vinyl curtains can protect aircraft from high or low temperatures and weather elements, maintaining a constant temperature within the facility at all times while aircraft is parked. They are also less expensive and more versatile than permanent […]

    Checklist for Aluminum Repair

      Aluminum is a tough metal, with many industries relying on it for a variety of applications. However, it isn’t invulnerable to damages, but there are plenty of effective ways to repair aluminum. Here is a checklist to help you make sure you have the right tools to repair aluminum parts that experience damage. Clean […]

    Warehouse Safety Practices for Liability Reduction

    Many types of warehouses present multiple hazards during operation, including the risk of electrical, slip-and-fall, and vehicular damage. To eliminate these risks and meet U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards, here are some ways to avoid employee injury and equipment damage in your facility, including the use of industrial warehouse safety curtains. […]

    Using Energy-Saving Warehouse Equipment to Increase Efficiency

    Warehousing costs can take up a large amount of a company’s revenue. Heating and lighting alone can have a significant impact on energy consumption, while certain equipment can consume even more. Here are some effective ways you can save energy in your warehouse and make warehousing operations more environmentally conscious, including the installation of industrial […]

    Dangers of High Noise Levels in Industrial Facilities

    Noise levels of 85 decibels or higher can cause hearing loss, while also presenting a distraction for workers that can result in other injuries. Thankfully, facilities can use sound deadening curtains that sufficiently prevent loud noises from escaping designated work areas. Here’s a closer look at the specific dangers associated with high noise levels in […]

    Benefits of Installing Sound Absorbing Curtains

    Industrial noise is capable of causing hearing loss at 85 decibels or above. High noise levels can also lead to injuries, damage to valuable equipment, and reduced productivity because of lost concentration. Installing soundproof walls may seem like the right solution, but for applications with changing levels of noise and varying workspace requirements, sound absorbing […]

    Using Industrial Curtains in Hot Rod Auto Body Shops

      Hot rod vehicles often require a greater amount of attention and service than other types of vehicles, as many of them are intended for showcasing rather than transportation. To protect hot rod vehicles, industrial curtain wall systems are ideal to install in auto body facilities that service them. Industrial curtains can block paint, welding […]

    Roller Track Systems for Airflow Containment

      Airflow containment systems are easier to manipulate when using hardware that allows users to simply move the curtains in and out of the way depending on the need for them. Roller track systems give users the ability to manipulate curtain wall systems without any hassle, while keeping curtains firmly in place when needed. There […]